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Choose from one of our four standard patterns or create your own custom pattern. Tristar stocks the 13 ceramic frit colors, listed at the bottom of the page, and can match almost any color with the aid of a sample, paint swatch, or PMS color chart number. When silkscreening, only one color can be applied per glass surface.

  • Standard Patterns index from the lower left position of the glass and run of the opposite edges.

  • Partial dots/holes or lines are acceptable with the standard pattern configuration.

  • Please indicate pattern orientation for lines and if starting with a line or space.

  • Size Limitations: Max: 77" x 134" Min: 12" x 12"

  • Image Limitations: 1/16" Minimum dot, pixel or space

Screenshot (14).png

Option 1
1/8" (3mm) diameter dots, 40% coverage, spaced 1/4" (6mm) center-to-center

Option 2
1/8" (3mm) diameter holes 60% coverage, spaced 1/4" (6mm) center-to-center

Option 3
1/8" (3mm) wide lines 50% coverage, spaced 1/4" (6mm) center-to-center

Option 4
1/4" (6mm) wide lines 50% coverage, spaced 1/2" (12mm) center-to-center

Standard Patterns 

Design Considerations...

Samples: All Custom Patterns require the approval of a 12"x12" sample before proceeding with the order.

Moire pattern and dual surface silk-screen patterns: Dual patterns (typically requested on surface #2 and #3) are not recommended due to the potential for optical phenomenon known as the Moire pattern to occur. Moire patterns can occur when two or more repetitive patterns are placed in front of each othercreating a wavy, rippled, or circular pattern. Moire patterns are not considered a defect. A full-size mock-up is always recommended before the start of any job.


Translucent frit: Full coverage frit (etchs) are not recommended for interior applications. Characteristics inherent to translucent frit, when used in full coverage applications, make this product unsuitable for vision areas. There characteristics include slight variations in color and uniformity, pinholes, and/or streaks. Please take note that certain spandrel applications may be prone to condensation formation on the interior glass surface. Over time this condensation may result in the build up of a visible film. Translucent frits should only be applied to non-exposed surfaces.


Material compatibility: When using sealants and other accessories during installation, particular attention must be given to combability. Sealants must be compatible with the coating, glass, and other materials used during the installation. Using incompatible products could result in failure of the unit.

 Custom Patterns 

Specifying a Custom Pattern

Quality: See Tristar quality standards for applicable tolerances

Cutting and Hole Drilling: Cutting and hole drilling must be done prior to the heat treating process and application of a coating.

Describe the pattern: General description (i.e. dots, lines, etc.), location, dimensions, spacing, orientation, % of glass covered by pattern

Sending a pattern file: File must be sent in a vector file format, preferably adobe illustrator (.ai or .eps)

Area to be silk-screened: Full or partial coverage (if partial, where the pattern starts and stops)

Starting location of the pattern: On which edge(s) of the glass does the pattern start, is it centered

Surface and viewing orientation: On which surface will the pattern be placed and from which surface will it be read

Borders: Will there be borders (solid or clear) around the silkscreened pattern, are partial elements allowed or not allowed

Line Patterns

Geometrical Patterns or Logos

Graduated Dots

Graduated Lines


Solex Green

High Opacity White TS8876

Solar Gray

Ford Blue

**Simulated Sandblast TS80048

Solar Bronze


Gun Metal

Guardrail Gray TS3762

**Simulated Etch TS8931

Warm Gray

Lava Bronze

Standard Colors


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