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Tristar Glass, Inc. is the premier glass fabrication source for interior and exterior architectural flat glass. With a complete selection of glass products, including the latest in high-performance solar control low-E glass, glaziers know they can depend on Tristar to deliver quality units on time and on budget.

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that can also benefit acoustics and security, and allows for a variety of color options. From high-precision complex canopy fabrication to high-strength level-E hurricane glass construction, Tristar Glass has the experience and the flexibility to meet all of your laminated glass requirements- including 2nd and 4th surface low-E lamination.

Standard interlayers include PVB, SentryGlas®(SGP), EVA, and Vanceva Colors



When fabricating state-of-the-art monolithic pieces, we utilize computer-controlled milling equipment to ensure precision, maximized production times, and artisinal quality. Our automated machinery also allows us to provide options for drilling, milling, flat-polish and mitre, for a variety of custom fabricated glass products (up to 3/4" thick).  Be sure to ask about our Diamon Fusion (DFI) low-maintenance coating.

Insulated glass helps regulate building temperature in an effective and energy-efficient manner. Tristar's complete inventory of glass products includes the latest in high-performance solar control low-E glass products from the biggest names in glass. With offerings from Vitro, Guardian, Saint Gobain and AGC, Tristar has the versatility to match specifications directly. 

Choose from a wide variety of spacer types and colors, as well as custom specialized fabrication features including warm-edge, argon gas fill, oversized glass processing, heat soaking, and more.


and Spandrel

Tristar Glass, Inc.'s silkscreen and spandrel lines give our clients the ability to create exciting new looks that increase aesthetic appeal and building performance.   Coatings are available in both a ceramic frit and ICD Coating’s OPACICOAT-300®.


Our security glass capabilities can strengthen the security of any building with options for bullet and hurricane resistant lamination.   Sentry Guard, an award winning product, is an alternative to traditional glazing that enhances the security of any building.  Sentry Guard utilizes SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer to create a stronger, safer environment for your loved ones.

Tristar Visions

Transform any digital image, photo, or graphic into a durable piece of laminated interior or exterior glass.  Be prepared for the saturation changes caused by exterior light during the day and through the seasons by taking advantage of Tristar Visions’ unique ability to control light with art. From colorful rubber ducks on the kids’ shower door, to faux stained glass in a restaurant, to your client’s brand on a curtain wall, Tristar Visions opens up a new world of possibilities for decorative design and will forever change the way you think about glass.

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